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Professional cold plunge tub, ice bath, cold water therapy bath side angle
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Peak Performance Tub

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Lioness & FC Barcelona star Lucy Bronze "It’s so good. It’s so convenient to not need ice. And it’s starting to get sunny again here. So it’s nice to sit in after training too 👌🏼" Lucy also uses an Immerse cooling unit*

The Immerse Peak Performance Tub

This is our most versatile & largest cold water therapy product. Perfect for sports clubs, gyms, professional athletes or the dedicated recovery enthusiast.

This product is a great size for larger athletes and can comfortably accommodate two people at once. Constructed with ultra durable fibreglass reinforced skin-friendly PVC, our Peak Performance Tub can withstand any weather condition. It’s hardened-wall and insulated construction also keeps the tub at desired temperatures for much longer.

*Compatible with the Immerse Chiller

Product Details:

Dimensions: 150*76*62cm
Capacity: 450 Litres
High Pressure Structure: 8 PSI / 0.55 Bar

Includes floor pump and carry bag as standard.



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