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Cold plunge starter pack, ice bath with thermometer
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Immerse VITAL Tub Portable Ice Bath

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Immerse recovery are proud to have supported world class athletes around the world with their recovery and overall well-being with the VITAL TUB

The Immerse Recovery Vital Tub, is a portable cold water therapy solution designed to optimise post-exercise recovery and overall well-being. This innovative product has become an essential tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to enhance their recovery or well-being routine with ice baths.

With its exceptional thermal layers, durable design, and additional accessories, this is a great product for individuals seeking an optimal recovery solution to support their active lifestyle or reset their mind, improve mental clarity and brain fog.

Fits up to 6'7 in height

Capacity 350L

What's Included?

1 x Immerse Recovery VITAL Tub

1x Inflatable Thermal Lid

1x All Weather Cover 

1x Pack of 6 Durable Support Legs 

1x Hand Pump

1x Drainage Hose

1x Repair Patches

1X Carry Bag

1X User Manual with a FREE guide to breath work and mastering your Immersion.

1 x Floating Thermometer




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