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Floating water thermometer for ice bath, pool, cold plunge, bath
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The Floating Thermometer

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Our Immerse Floating thermometer is an essential companion for the Immerse Recovery VITAL Tub. Crafted with precision, this sleek and compact thermometer boasts a jet-black exterior that effortlessly blends with the tub's aesthetic.

Designed to elevate your cold water therapy experience, the Floating Thermometer is not only a functional tool but also an elegant addition to your regimen. Its minimalist design ensures it seamlessly integrates into the water's surface, offering unobtrusive monitoring of the temperature. With its advanced accuracy, you can trust that your Immerse Recovery VITAL Tub will consistently maintain the recommended temperatures, guaranteeing optimal cold water therapy benefits for your body's rejuvenation and recovery.

Whether you're seeking to accelerate muscle recovery, enhance circulation, or simply invigorate your senses, the our Floating Thermometer is your assurance that every dip into the Immerse Recovery VITAL Tub is met with the precise therapeutic conditions you deserve. 


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